welaunch is a U.S. based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting Israeli startups and innovation within U.S. cities as a new paradigm for economic development, community engagement, entrepreneurial education and social impact.

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Move Over Silicon Valley; Here Comes The Silicon Prairie

Here is a now daily conversation I have with Israeli entrepreneurs.
When they ask me what I do, I share with them that I am CEO of welaunch, a social enterprise, helping The Startup Nation (Israel) find The Silicon Prairie (US Midwest); and facilitating in the Silicon Prairie attracting the startups, companies and technologies of The Startup Nation. When they ask me what the Silicon Prairie has to offer, I share with them information like you’ll find in this article. Silicon Prairie cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Indianapolis and others are hotbeds of business opportunity and technological activity – hence, The Silicon Prairie.
Did you know that if the Silicon Prairie were a country it would rank as the 5th largest economy? You didn’t know that? Well then you better read Chris Olsen’s (Drive Capital) awesome article.
Look out Silicon Valley. Here comes Silicon Prairie.
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