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Here's a thought about water on this very wet (at least here in Denver) day. The Biblical creation story (which Jews around the world read about in the Torah this week), walks us through God's creation of the world. It describes the formation of almost everything - from bugs to babies, from food to creepy crawly things to college football (OK, it's not exactly in there but it should be) - it's all there. However, until it was pointed out to me,...

Acres of Diamonds There is a famous story called “Acres of Diamonds,” about a man in an African village who was visited by a traveller who told him of rumors that diamonds had been found across the river. This man became obsessed with discovering such diamonds, sold his home and wandered off in search of treasures.. After years of difficult and fruitless searching, destitute and in a state of desperation, he threw himself into the sea. Meanwhile, back at the home...