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Wishing You A Happy New Year From The High Tech Holy Land

For nearly 20 High Holy Days I stood in front of a congregation (in LA, Des Moines, Omaha or Boston) and “preached” messages of prosperity, promise and the hope that tomorrow can be better than today.

Today, instead of preaching from the pulpit, I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with men and women who not only preach these messages, but embody them. They aren’t rabbis. Rather they are scientists and engineers, technicians and CEO’s. They are the men and women of Israel. They are the life blood of the Startup Nation. They are the creators of life sustaining innovations. They are the designers of world transforming technologies. And they are the embodiment of the ancient Jewish values of Tikun Olam – the charge that we are here to make the world a better place.

In the words of a rabbi far greater than I, Billy Joel:

“You know the good ole days weren’t always good. And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

I can assure you that tomorrow is not as bad as it seems. And, as good as the good ole days were, they pale in comparison of what is yet to come. Indeed, this will be an amazing year, in no small measure thanks to the Jewish people, the modern miracle of Israel and the determined, innovative and resilient Israelis who make it shine.

After 5778 years we are still, and always will be, a source of sustainable, renewable and energy-efficient light unto nations.

Wishing everyone a year of love, life and renewable light from the High Tech Holy Land.

Baruch HaLevi
co-founder & CEO of welaunch (and clearly a recovering rabbi)

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