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Israel Memorial Day: The Start-up Nation & Redemption

In seventy brief years, Israel has ascended into the modern miracle of the Start-up Nation. The Israeli economy is bustling. Israeli innovation is flourishing. Israeli technology is everywhere, in everything and transforming the world for the better. And Israeli contributions to humanity in research, science, academics, arts, culture… are unparalleled given it’s size and youth.

However, it is all to easy, and far too tempting, to believe that we arrived at this place on our own. On the contrary, we are only here because of the survivors, the pioneers and the soldiers who came before us and paved the pathway to our freedom and for our prosperity with their tears, their sweat and their blood.

On Yom Ha’zikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, it is imperative that we stop and remember these men and women, particularly the soldiers who were killed in  the establishment of the modern State of Israel. They payed the ultimate price to make this modern miracle of the Start-up Nation a reality and it is incumbent upon us to remember them. In the words of the ancient wisdom master, the Ba’al Shem Tov, “Forgetfulness leads to exile. Memory is the source of redemption.” Must must never forget them. We must always remember. And in so doing  we will bring redemption to their lives, their souls and to this world.


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