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Israel – The Most Important Ag-tech Center Outside the US

Recently I was listening to the”Future of Agriculture” podcast  (a great primer on all things agricultural and food technology related) episode 42, an interview with Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Chief Editor of AgFunderNews.com. She was asked to talk about the most important worldwide centers of Ag-tech development.

The US, as in most every area, is clearly number one (although, unlike most areas of technology, when it comes to ag-tech and food-tech, Silicon Valley is not the epicenter as it is an industry far more diversified and distributed around the country). Australia, China, England, and India were all mentioned as major centers. However, as Burwood-Taylor shared, the most important ag-tech innovation ecosystem outside of the US is Israel.

Israel, a geographically insignificant spec on the map.

Israel, a country whose total population is smaller than most of China’s smallest cities.

Israel, a country that is a mere 70 years young.

And yet, Israel is a giant when it comes to R&D, like the world class Volacani research institute and other leading universities and academic centers.

Israel is a world leader in innovation, ranked #2 by the Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, or consistently ranked among the top two or three most important startup ecosystems in the world.

And when it comes to Agricultural technology (Ag-tech), Israel is the most important place outside of the US, with hundreds of young startups and plenty of industry stalwarts, like the precision-agriculture giant Netafim, and other irrigation companies, which own over 30% of the global market.

Far before “ag-tech” was even a thing, over half a century earlier, Israelis were already applying research, innovation and technology to this land as they drained the swamps, plowed the arid landscape and literally made the desert bloom.

Today Israel is an ag-tech superpower with important, impactful and inspirational technologies to share with the world.

If you are an agricultural researcher, farmer, policy-maker, Agri-business exec or somehow involved in the agriculture and food industry, or just care about the future of food, you need to learn about Israel ag-tech, engage Israel ag-tech companies and most of all, get to Israel and experience this innovation first hand. This is what we are offering you.

Join us this May 6-10, 2018 on the welaunch Ag-tech and Food-tech tour, built around three of Israel’s leading Ag-tech and Food-tech conferences. Registration is open and we are filling up fast. Registration deadline is March, 23rd.

To read more about Israeli Ag-tech continue here visit AgFunderNews.com.
To learn more about the welaunch tour please visit:  www.welaunch.org/tours/

See you in Israel!


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