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Israel, The UN & Seeds of Peace In The Middle East

Tuesday was a historic day for Israel (though the vast majority of the world, even Israelis and Israel supporters have no idea what transpired).  On November 28th, the United Nations passed an Israeli resolution (141 to 1 with 34 abstentions) focused on utilizing Israel ag-tech (agricultural technologies) in addressing growing food and water sustainability issues.

The UN, after all, has not historically been supportive of Israel (to say it mildly) and this vote was the most supported Israel resolution to date. Add to this that the only country to vote against Israel was Syria, while the rest of the Arab bloc merely abstained (which is a tremendous endorsement unto itself), and what you have is a monumental moment in UN and Israeli history.

The Arab community recognizes just how important Israeli technology is within our world (which explains why they didn’t vote against this resolution).  Even if many of these countries aren’t publicly coming out in support of Israel, the vast majority of them are engaging Israel and Israeli technologies off the record and behind the scenes.

The bottom line is this – Israeli innovation and technology such as  Ag-tech & Clean-tech is saving lives, reducing suffering and healing a broken world. Equally, these technologies are the quickest, clearest and “cleanest” pathway to a new chapter in Arab-Israel relations.

This is Peaceonomics 101.
This is Israeli Innovation.
This is the way to peace in the Middle East.

“Israel is proud to work with our friends around the world in promoting cutting-edge solutions to some of the world’s oldest agricultural challenges.​” -The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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