welaunch is a U.S. based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting Israeli startups and innovation within U.S. cities as a new paradigm for economic development, community engagement, entrepreneurial education and social impact.

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Connecting The Startup Nation and The Silicon Prairie

welaunch Services

welaunch provides a range of services in facilitating meaningful, impactful and sustainable relationships between our U.S. communities and clients and relevant Israeli technology companies   —

A SLICE of what welaunch


welaunch collaborates with our U.S. partners and clients in scouting, vetting and selecting relevant Israeli tech companies and innovation solutions.


welaunch works with select Israeli technology companies seeking to launch, or scale, within the Silicon Prairie (U.S. Midwest) introducing them to a network of business resources and opportunities.


welaunch introduces investors (individuals, groups, VC’s and foundations) to Israeli companies seeking capital investment.


welaunch connects the Silicon Prairie and the Start-up Nation through Israel ag/food/water/clean tech tours and U.S. roadshows as a pathway to business development and investment opportunities.


welaunch prepares Israeli startups for the US market through supplemental business, market and cultural education;

welaunch promotes the Start-up Nation throughout our U.S. network and the Silicon Prairie throughout Israel.

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