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Save The Earth. Feed The World. Drop A Few Pounds. EAT BUGS & STOP BUGGING OUT!!!

Eat Bugs.

This is one of the primary ways we will save the environment, create enough food for the coming generations and live healthier lives.

Grasshoppers. Fruit Flies. Crickets…. This is what we will be calling breakfast, lunch and dinner in the coming years.

No, not grasshopper-head-granola or cricket-cooked-croutons. Rather, think grasshopper protein powder or cricket cooking oil. These creepy crawlies are exceedingly high in protein, inexpensive, quick to raise and have virtually no negative impact on the environment.

You think it’s gross?

You ever look into the eyes of a cow? How is eating a sentient being not deeply disturbing (and I’m currently a meat eater)?

You think it’s unclean?

You ever seen the inside of a slaughter house or a chicken coup? The feces covered animals, inhumane filth covered poultry – that’s enough to make your eyes bug out!

Enter Food-tech.

Food-tech is paving the way to healthier, cheaper and cleaner nutrition – and Israeli leads the way. This is why we are facilitating the welaunch Ag-tech/Food-tech tour in a couple weeks. We’ll be meeting with companies like Hargol (a leader in grasshopper protein) and Flying Spark (a pioneer in fruit fly larva protein). welaunch is committed to what we call, “Global Impact Technology,” and this industry, and these companies, are doing just that – impacting the globe in positive ways.

And we better start impacting the globe in positive ways – SOON!

Our current food production system is taking it’s toll – and not only on the environment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 4 in 10 U.S. adults have a body mass index classifying them as obese, and their kids aren’t far behind. And for the global population, they aren’t obese. On the contrary, they are hungry – and by 2050 we won’t have enough to feed them.

As stated in a recent article by Time Magazine:  By 2050, with the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion, our food supplies will be under far greater stress. Demand will be 60% higher than it is today, but climate change, urbanization, and soil degradation will have shrunk the availability of arable land, according to the World Economic Forum. Add water shortages, pollution, and worsening inequality into the mix and the implications are stark. 

To continue to turn our nose up and say, “EW” at the thought of eating insect based protein supplements, or clean meat (which we’ll also learn about on the tour) simply isn’t good enough given what we know and our ability to provide healthier, less expensive and better for the environment alternatives.

Even if you can’t join us on the tour, stay tuned for updates and for many, many more blogs on creepy-crawly culinary concoctions coming your way.

What can I say? I’ve been bitten by the food-tech bug. So I’ll keep bugging you. Of course, you can always tell me to bug off, but this issue is too important for us to simply bug out!

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