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Why I Choose The Prairie – The Silicon Prairie & The welaunch Ag-tech Tour

“Are you a mountain person, desert person or an ocean person,” someone recently asked me? 

As I stood there thinking about it i realized I’m none of the above. Although it may not be sexy, cool or all that popular, I’m a “wide open fields” kind of guy. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in Nebraska, literally across the street from corn fields. Maybe it’s because I went to school in Kansas, around the corner from endless fields of wheat. Or possibly it’s because I lived in Iowa, with farms of soy as far as the eye can see. For whatever reason, I need a fourth choice on that list. “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam…” I’ll take fields of corn, acres of soy or wide open spaces with an endless expanse of wheat any day of the week.

This is partially why I’m so passionate about welaunch and our focus on the US Midwest. The welaunch mission is to  provide this particular region, suitable and needed Israeli innovation and technology. And nothing is more suited for this region than agricultural technologies (ag-tech). Although the US Midwest has tremendous industries such as defense, finance, insurance, medicine and manufacturing, this is first and foremost, the Heartland, the Bread Basket, the food and agricultural epicenter.

Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana….these states hold the top rankings in the production of corn, soy, wheat, cattle, pork, poultry…they literally feed the world.
And yet, as much as these great states produce, it is simply not enough. Given our  current rate of population growth and consumption we are on an unsustainable path. By 2050 food demands will increase by nearly 100%. The only way to meet these demands will be through technology. That’s where Israel enters the scene.

Whereas Israel is short on expansive fields, it is long on impressive technologies. Israeli ag-tech, water-tech and clean-tech allows us to grow so much more with a whole lot less.

Precision Agriculture – sensors, drones, irrigation on demand, internet of things, autonomous driving farm vehicles… this is the future of agriculture, food production and water supply. Israel is pioneering the way to a sustainable tomorrow through ag-tech, food-tech & clean-tech.

This is why welaunch is working so hard to bring together Israel and the US Midwest, transforming this great prairie into “the Silicon Prairie.”

It is for this reason that welaunch is proud to present the welaunch Israel Ag-tech Tour & Conference, May 5th – 10th, 2018 – an unparalleled opportunity to expose those within the US Midwest to the innovation within Israel.

We have designed a five star, business development and investment tour to experience Israel through the lens of ag-tech and agricultural related industries, together in conjunction with Israel’s leading ag-tech conferences: Agritech and Agrivest. welaunch is also in the planning stages of an ag-tech US Roadshow this summer, where we will showcase Israeli ag-tech throughout our welaunch partner cities.

This is why we formed welaunch – bringing together the “Startup Nation” and the “Silicon Prairie” to provide a nourishing, healthier, and sustainable tomorrow & making this world a better place.

We appreciate any help you can provide us in spreading the word, promoting our programs and sustaining our mission.

Baruch HaLevi
co-founder & CEO

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