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Why we launch the Silicon Prairie, Start-up Nation & Ag/Food/Water Technologies?

welaunch was formed with the intention of connecting the Silicon Prairie (the US Midwest) and the Start-up Nation (Israel). But, why?

Let’s start with water. Simply put, we have a growing water crisis. When it comes to water – most people don’t even realize, we are literally running out. It is not overly dramatic or unfounded to say that at our current pace, within a matter of years, certainly a few decades, we’re going to be in dire straits. And it’s not just in sub-saharan Africa where the taps are running dry. California, as an example, is in serious trouble. There is a drought. There is not enough water for use in irrigating crops or even for daily consumption. The same is true for most of the states within the US southwest. And it’s even a growing concern for many of the states throughout the US Midwest. The Ogallala Aquifer, for instance, one of the world’s largest aquifers and the most important within the US, responsible for much of the agricultural irrigation, is running dry. Once it does so, there’s no filling it back up (OK, that’s not exactly true. Given approximately 6000 years, it will accumulate enough rainfall to be usable again).

And that brings us to food? No water means no crops. According to the UN Global Report on Food, even with today’s rates of food production (which is already maxing out the water supply) we are facing a serious crisis. By 2050 the world population will be around 10 billion people, which means we will need to increase food production by roughly 70% to keep pace if we are to feed the planet. However, right now, we are far from keeping pace. In fact, as it stands we are only increasing our annual agricultural yields by a mere 1.2%, which is 68.8% short of the increase we actually need.

Simply put, we are running out of water and with it, coupled with population increase, we will eventually run out of food. And that brings us back to welaunch.

Although the food and water situation is serious, it is not insurmountable. On the contrary,  there is a clear, albeit challenging, pathway forward.

That pathway will require us to do more, grow more, produce more, and do it more responsibly. And it will entail us doing it with less, less water, less resources, less time and less waste.

That is what the Start-up Nation provides. Israel is all about doing more with less. Israeli agricultural, food and especially water technologies (ag-tech, food-tech and water-tech) are the way forward. Due to precision agriculture and other advancing farming and water-technologies, Israel, which is two-thirds desert, now has a water surplus and is the only country in the world with receding deserts!

And the US Midwest is adopting and adapting these technologies, modeling the Start-up Nation and rising up to truly become the Silicon Prairie. Formally uniting these two partners is the path to solving our water and food crisis’, is the pathway forward and is the way to literally fixing a broken world. When the Start-up Nation unites with the Silicon Prairie, water will flow, plants will grow, and this planet, and its inhabitants, will be nourished for generations to come.


Join Us

Join us May 6-10th, 2018, on the welaunch Israel, Ag-tech & Food-tech tour, as we take you on a journey to Israel to witness, first hand the marvels and miracles of Israeli Ag-tech, Food-tech and Water-tech. It’s for investors. It’s for farmers. It’s for CEO’s, CTO’s, policy makers and anyone, and everyone, who cares about food, water and feeding and nourishing the world, the next generation and life.


Are you ready to join us, come to Israel, and see first hand how Israeli Innovation can make an impact on your industry, your company, your community, your family and your life?


It’s time to launch a food and water revolution.

It’s time for the welaunch Israel tour. 

It’s time for welaunch.

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