welaunch is a U.S. based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting Israeli startups and innovation within U.S. cities as a new paradigm for economic development, community engagement, entrepreneurial education and social impact.

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Why welaunch?

Connecting The Startup Nation and The Silicon Prairie

The Startup Nation

Israel has been declared the most important startup ecosystem in the world outside of Silicon Valley, and it has the highest density of startups in the world.

Israel’s Competitive Edge

Total Expenditure in R&D.

1. Israel; 2. Finland; 3. Sweden; 4. Japan

Flexibility & Adaptability

1. Israel; 2. Hong Kong; 3. Australia; 4. Brazil

Entrepreneurship of Managers

1. Israel; 2. Malaysia; 3. Colombia; 4. Taiwan

Availability of Scientists & Engineers

1. Israel; 2. Japan; 3. USA; 4. India

Venture Capital Availability

1. USA; 2. Israel; 3. Hong Kong; 4. Taiwan

Info Technology Skills

1. Israel; 2. Iceland; 3. Denmark; 4. Sweden

  • #1% of GDP on R&D
  • #1 scientists, engineers and technicians, per capita/li>
  • #1 VC investment, per capita (more than all of Europe combined)
  • #1 VC Finds, per capita (70+)
  • #1R&D centers, per capita (300+)
  • #1 Startup Accelerators, per capita (200+)
  • #2 Highest Educated Population

Source: World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, 2016–2017

The Silicon Prairie

welaunch is establishing an Israel business development and investment network throughout the Silicon Prairie (US Midwest) – a region with robust and thriving business and financial ecosystems and the agricultural, food production, water and energy epicenter of the US and global activity.

The Silicon Prairie

welaunch‘s initial regional focus is the powerful market, “the Silicon Prairie” — 14 Midwestern States whose GDP makes it the the 5th largest economy in the world!


The Silicon Prairie offers unparalleled opportunities around: Ag-tech, Clean-tech, Water-tech, Food-tech, Fin-tech, Insur-tech, Advanced Manufacturing, the Life Sciences and more.

Pilot States

welaunch has established initial operations within:

  • Iowa,
  • Nebraska
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Minnesota
  • Colorado

The Start-up Nation Meets The Silicon Prairie

The Silicon Prairie and the Start-up Nation have an interlocking set of challenges, strengths and opportunities.

Israeli Startups are seeking:

New markets
Market introductions
Investment capital

Silicon Prairie Markets are seeking:

New technologies
Competitive edge
Economic development

Connecting the Silicon Prairie and the Start-up Nation will create synergy, solving one another’s challenges and addressing each other’s needs.

The welaunch Focus

welaunch is focused on what we call, “Global Impact Technology” including: Agricultural Technologies (Ag-tech), Food Technologies (Food-tech), Clean Technologies  (Clean-tech) and Water Technologies (Water-tech) all of which are perfectly suited for the Silicon Prairie’s strengths and expertise.

  • Identifying market opportunities & needs
  • Targeting regional verticals & tech clusters
  • Providing startup vetting & selection
  • Facilitating startup placement & process
  • Expanding investment & business development opportunities
  • Providing greater appeal in attracting Israeli Startups
  • Coordinating regional Israeli biz dev & investment efforts
  • Communicating the message of the Silicon Prairie
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