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Will Israel be rebranded as the Solution Nation?

Will Israel be rebranded as the Solution Nation?

If so, credit should be given to a newly-released and wonderfully-written book entitled Solution Nation: One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems.

Solution Nation provides fascinating insights into 62 of Israel’s most enterprising companies. All of the featured companies are developing solutions directed towards providing rescue and relief to the world’s most disadvantaged people.

Just a few of the solutions these companies are bringing to the market are directed towards preventing amputations; growing leg bones longer so that children afflicted with dwarfism can stand taller; reducing the risk of auto accidents; vanquishing influenza; diagnosing cervical cancer with smartphones; purifying water; removing mercury from the air; generating water from the air; transforming carbon dioxide into electricity; generating electricity from ocean waves; providing an alternative power source for Africans reliant on deadly kerosene; combating mosquito-borne diseases; preventing fruit flies from destroying mangoes in India; rescuing people from burning buildings; triangulating human trafficking on the high seas; helping the blind see; and, enabling the paralyzed to stand and regain mobility.

WeLaunch had a chance to chat with the author, David Wanetick. Here are highlights from the interview:

WeLaunch:   Please give us a taste of the ingenuity of the companies profiled in Solution Nation.

David Wanetick:   Certainly. One of the companies featured in Solution Nation has figured out a way to convert used dialyzers into devices that can purify water in remote regions of the world. A word or two of background: At least a half a million people in the USA alone must submit to dialysis treatment because their kidneys are no longer working. Dialyzers are used to strain out excess waste and toxic fluids found in these patients’ blood during dialysis. Just as dialyzers remove harmful substances in blood, used dialyzers are being modified to strain out harmful components found in polluted water.

Separately, but still on the issue of water, another company featured in Solution Nation developed a jeep-like vehicle that uses the same engine to power the vehicle and purify water. Because only one engine is used for both purposes the vehicle is relatively light. This means that the vehicle can be deployed rapidly when a natural disaster occurs in a hard-to-reach location. The vehicles can be dropped by parachute from helicopters or delivered by raft. The vehicle is highly maneuverable and simple to operate. The first clean glass of water can be poured by operators with very little training within 30 minutes of pulling the handbrake.

WeLaunch:   Very interesting. Please tell us about two more companies featured in Solution Nation and then we will move onto another topic.

David Wanetick:   Another company profiled in Solution Nation is combating colorectal cancer which the American Cancer Society estimates caused 50,000 deaths in the United States in 2017. The disease is easy to cure when detected early but many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Colonoscopy is an effective diagnostic procedure but even the most compliant patients with no obvious symptoms of colorectal cancer submit to colonoscopies at 10-year intervals. So what is the proposed solution? Much more frequent screening. The invention is a medical device that attaches to the inside of toilet bowls. The device’s spectral isolation and innovative imaging technologies assess the feces for signs of colorectal cancer every time the subject has a bowel movement.

Separately, how can people be rescued from high-rise buildings? Why not use elevators which can carry people to the ground much faster than descending dozens and dozens of flights of stairs? After all, firefighters use elevators to reach high floors. One company profiled in Solution Nation de-risks the use of elevators when buildings are ablaze by converting toxic gases into breathable air in nanoseconds. Many hundreds of liters of treated air are pushed into the elevator cab every minute. The tremendous pressure pushing the air prevents smoke from entering the cab when the elevator is moving or when its doors open. Further, this treated air is cooled from 300° to 35° Celsius.

WeLaunch:   Please tell us about the structure of the book.  

David Wanetick:   Every company profile begins with a rich background of the problem being tackled by the featured company. Next is a review of the innovative solution developed by the company. The final section of each company profile is a list of brutally challenging questions investors, customers and regulators might wish to pose to the management teams.

WeLaunch:   How did you select the companies featured in Solution Nation?

David Wanetick:   My team solicited recommendations from thousands of Israelis and others familiar with the Israeli high-tech scene. We sent out many thousands of requests for nominations via an email campaign. We put a nomination form on our website. We made a special effort to have lawyers, accountants, angel investors, investment bankers, venture capitalists and managers of incubators make nominations. These well-placed people represented or invested in as many as hundreds of Israeli companies. When they provided me with their top two or three ideas, they essentially filtered out hundreds of companies. I reviewed as much information about candidate companies as I could before conducting required interviews with their management teams.

WeLaunch:   Why do you think you are qualified to write about emerging companies?

David Wanetick:   I have analyzed and written valuation reports on thousands of companies from all over the world for more than 20 years. Solution Nation is my sixth book. My book that most closely parallels Solution Nation is called Business Model Validation. That book explains some of the methodologies I used to select and assess the companies featured in Solution Nation. I also wrote the world’s most voluminous book (at 800 pages) on negotiations; it is entitled The Strategic Negotiator.

WeLaunch:   How would you respond if someone suggested that Solution Nation lacks credibility because you are a supporter of Israel?

David Wanetick:   There are very close to 110,000 words in Solution Nation. I would challenge anyone to cite any instances in the book where I was fawning over the companies profiled. As mentioned, I am an analyst and I approached each company review as an analyst. Each profile was presented in the above-referenced problem-solution-question format. Solution Nation presents very tough questions to each management team.

I took several additional steps to ensure that no one can call Solution Nation a promotional piece for the featured Israeli companies. First, I did not personalize the stories. I stuck to the problem-solution-question format. I did not even disclose any of the names of the executives running the companies. (How can a vanity piece not even mention the names of the people that it is said to be praising?) As a matter of policy, I did not cite any awards bestowed upon any of the featured companies. Finally, I did not give any of the companies a chance to sway my analysis as I did not give them a chance to review or edit their profiles before I published Solution Nation. I did everything I could to present objective reviews of 62 promising emerging Israeli companies.

WeLaunch:   Thank you.

Solution Nation is available for purchase through a variety of outlets but can be purchased at the lowest prices through Solution Nation. (www.solutionnation.info)

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